Thunderbirds Memorabilia

The Air Force Flight Demonstration Squadron (Thunderbirds) was established in 1953.

They currently fly  F-16 Falcons, painted red, white, and navy blue.  The mythological Thunderbird they are named for is painted in Navy Blue on the belly of the aircraft and is a wonderful sight from the ground.  They perform high speed aerials a maximum of 88 times a year at speeds up to 700 MPH.


The mission of the Thunderbirds is recruitment and to act as "Ambassadors in Blue" both here and in the United States and abroad.

The 16 Officers and 110 Enlisted come from the ranks of regular Air Force units.

Our merchandise features the jets, Thunderbird Crest, and other Military Markings.  It is composed of hats, Tee shirts, polo shirts, jackets, glass ware, pins, patches, blankets, toys, and flags.

The 2013 Schedule was cancelled in April due to sequestration, but we look forward to the team flying in 2014.  The Thunderbird official web site is: